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  1. of only moderate quality; not very good; a stain on the family name; excellent choice for corporate and private events though.

I've been disappointing audiences since I was five years old, and have performed magic on HGTV's House Hunters (don't ask how I got the money to buy a house), bantered with Leah Remini and Rob Belushi on the Game Show Network, and I've been overpaid to entertain organizations like Netflix, the Cartoon Network, the New York State School Superintendents Association, the Children's Hospital of Orange County, and a couple dozen people in a backyard once. I'm the comedy magician you never knew you needed, yet you can't live without.

I'm a regular performer at both the Magic Castle and Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood, and when I'm not begging for tips or evading bounty hunters, I'm working my day job as a television writer. Yes I have Jessica Alba's phone number, and yes I will give it to you if you hire me for your next event. For the right price, anyway.

12-22 - Rick & Morty Holiday Party-100081.jpg
Andrew Zubar_Close Up Gallery-23.jpg
"Don't encourage him. He's ill.
He's very, very ill."

Andrew's therapist

"The real crime was the card trick."

Andrew's parole officer

"The worst $25 we ever spent.
This wasn't entertainment.
This was a hostage situation."

Sister Francis Stein

St. Mary of the Visitation Catholic Church

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